Beuningse Plas

In 2001 the City of Beuningen and the Province of Gelderland (Netherlands) came to an agreement to supply 30 million tons of industrial sand to the Dutch market. Industrial sand is the tag for sand for different purposes including: concrete sand, masonry sand and asphalt sand. The location at Beuningse Plas (near Nijmegen, Netherlands) was destined to be one of the mining sites, which would produce 14 million tons of this sand. For the removal of the mined sand, there were a number of options regarding the location and means of transportation.

Fortan was called upon by the City of Beuningen to produce an independent advisory report. The report presented new comparing data in addition to the information provided by various tendering sand mining companies. The feasibility studies of the different options included cost, revenue, reliability, and environmental pollution. All these possible conditions were examined and valued, and included in the final advisory.

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