Biomass Dryer Plants

Vandenbroek Thermal Processing designs, manufactures, and supplies thermal drying plants. Through a drying process, using a heated dryer drum or belt dryer, a wet product can be converted into dry granules (pellets). Products such as sewage sludge as well as pet food are dried this way. A large part of the overall drying system consists of filtering facilities to eliminate the build-up of deposits of combustible dust.

Fortan designed the various parts of these driers in 3-D environment. Recent projects including Panda Waste, Rezekne and Thessaloniki, all involved 3-D design of an arrangement of a dryer with a cyclone and a drop out box. Another 3-D application was to calculate the shape and dimensions of a drop out box. By

employing appropriate software, which uses computational fluid dynamics, the medium’s flow pattern was simulated and could be analyzed. In the end, the drop out efficiency could consequently be improved.

Compiling all these dryer components into one virtual overall 3-D model in an early stage, it was possible to translate customer requirements into the model. One of the design variables concerned the operating space around machinery in relation to supporting steel structures. In the virtual model this work space could be examined and the layout then be improved. The resulting manufacturing drawings of the model consisted of the machine components, the steel structure, the service platforms, and stairs.

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