Grensmaas project

Plans, originated from the 1980s, to modify the run of the river Maas in southern Limburg got a boost after the local floods in 1993 and 1995. The plans found solid form when the provincial council, ministries of Agriculture and Transport and the Consortium Grensmaas signed an implementation contract in 2005.

In 2008 the project Grensmaas officially got launched. The Consortium Grensmaas combined gravel companies, contractors, and the Dutch nature preservation society. It would take care of the total execution of the build, from permit applications, engineering, manufacturing, and delivery.

The community of Itteren was one of the building locations, where a streambed adjustment and channel widening of the river Maas were carried out. Fortan provided the Itteren site manager. His tasks included holding project meetings, managing the day to day projects, coordinating and managing internal and external suppliers, planning and monitoring costs. Eventually, under his leadership a new sand and gravel plant was commissioned and brought into operation.

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