High Voltage masts

Network company Alliander, formerly known as electricity production and supply company Nuon, handles the distribution of energy in one third of the Netherlands. Liandon, a division of Alliander, is engaged in construction and maintenance of energy infrastructure. A publically known part of this is the grid of overhead power lines by use of high voltage masts.

The usage of a high voltage mast today is multiple. Next to carrying the transmission lines for the transport of electrical power, it is also used as a carrier for mobile telecommunications network antennas. Then there is the use of transporting digital data through the lightning wire. For this technique the lightning conductor cable contains optical fibers in the center of the ground wire (OPGW - optical power ground wire). Fortan was involved in the construction of a 56m mast in the 220 kV circuit

Louwsmeer-Oudehaske and a 28m mast in the 150 kV circuit

Nijmegen-Zevenaar-Langerak. Fortan performed the mast design, modeling, and manufacturing drawings for both types of masts. In addition drawings were produced contributing to various enhancements on masts and gantries. These enhancements included conductor accessories, OPGW accessories and cabinets, platforms, climbing and fall protection systems.

Another task for VolkerWessels Network Solutions was providing high voltage masts to electricity transmission system operator TenneT. Previous experience on 3-D designing and detailing of high voltage pylons could again be applied by Fortan’s engineers. Their insight in the 3-D environment and skills with software allowed them to expertly model a complex form as a lattice steel tower. The resulting production drawings were generated automatically through our software. As effect they were accurate and accelerated the production process rapidly.

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