Lifting frame Isalacogghe

On the bottom of the river IJssel, near Kampen, a cog vessel of the 15th century has been discovered, which is largely intact. Fortan has been awarded by HEBO Maritiemservice for the conceptual, basic design and detailed engineering of a lifting frame for the salvage of the cog vessel, named Isalacogghe. This frame has a combined use as a lifting frame and as a protective area for the divers during the four months exposing procedure of the 50 ton wooden vessel. February 2016 the Isalacogghe has been successfully salvaged by HEBO Maritiemservice. HEBO Maritiemservice is a maritime service provider in the broadest sense of the word.On a daily basis, HEBO’s teams are involved in combating oil spills and calamities, conducting transports, heavy lifting operations, salvaging operations and a wide scale of supporting activities on and around water.

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