Ripper Tube HAM 318

Van Oord is a globally operating dredging and marine contracting company and has built large infrastructure projects on land and sea for more than 140 years. Projects include: the construction of marine oil and gas facilities, ports, coastal protection works, land reclamation, wind parks, and foundation drainage. Dredging is the core business activity of Van Oord and it is used for land reclamation, protection of coastal zones and maintenance of harbor and waterways.

Van Oord requested Fortan to redesign an existing suction tube.

A heavier ripper head was to be placed on the lower arm of the

multi-link tube. Fortan assessed the newly occurring load cases

for the total 34m tube, which had a diameter of 1200mm. We then carried out FEM stress calculations of the linking arm-pieces, main flanges, hoisting points, plus we determined and calculated reinforcements to the initial design. Subsequently the 3D model of the tube is created to generate detail drawings.

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