Sand & Gravel Plants

German company Bräuer in Bensheim was a major supplier of sand, gravel, and rock processing plants throughout Europe until 2007. Their wide ranging knowhow included rock crushing, sand screening, water classifying, clay washing, drying, conveying and storage of sand and rock based bulk material. A modular build of construction components, based on German standards and quality, made their processing designs well known. Although Bräuer as company is no longer in existence, their processing plants still stand and are running up until this day.

Fortan was a major provider of Bräuer’s engineering of these processing plants. In the span of a handful of years, in the early to mid-1990’s, we engineered more than two dozen plants in layout and detail design. Fortan gained a ton of experience in component production design varying from two-belt truss frame, belt conveyors, multi outlet discharge chutes, thickener tanks, storage silos, screening and crusher floors, support steel constructions, and platforms and stairs. Building on that skill we also became proficient in making layout designs of these processing plants.

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