Sand & Gravel Pontoon ‘JULIANA’

In 2009 Zandexploitatiemaatschappij K3 (sand mining company) wanted an expansion of capacity for their mining location at Gieseplas (a lake near Arnhem, Netherlands). The plan was to redesign a pontoon containing an existing classification system. The current classification setup on the existing pontoon was to be replaced with a completely new one. The increased capacity would be 3500 tons of mixture per hour consisting of 1700 tons/hour of sand and gravel and the surplus water.

The main design, static and dynamic calculations, and the detail design were performed by Fortan. Years of experience, acquired in dozens of previous similar projects for the German company Bräuer, could be applied here to maximum benefit. The pontoon’s size and height restrictions asked for the lowest possible setup. After making a basic design, Fortan’s lead engineer carried out the strength calculation of the new frame structure. The design’s final configuration consisted of two vibrating screening machines over a screw classifier inside a steel skeleton frame structure. The machine components, conveyors, and frame structure could still work perfectly within the limited space of the compact design.

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